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With the reputation at the present time, will Porsche produce a pickup in the future?

Mercedes-Benz has officially said goodbye to X-Class pickup after witnessing a year of sales declining, giving a profound lesson to luxury brands looking for profit in the pickup market. However, that didn’t stop graphic designer Adel Bouras from figuring out what a potential Porsche pickup would look like. That Porsche “in imagination” is named “Traykan”.

With X-Class, Mercedes-Benz created a pickup based on Nissan Navara’s platform, but both models still have some brand positioning differences. With Traykan, it was oriented sporty style but it still retains the characteristics of a pickup model.

The front of Traykan has a LED cluster and a series of monolithic daytime running lights, two fog lamps located at a lower position on the front bumper and grille. The ability to move on all terrain becomes clear when viewed from the side of the vehicle, with terrain tires, expanded wheel arches. The rear of the car has a thin taillight, small glass box and powerful dual exhaust.

While a Porsche electric pickup might not seem feasible, but with the all-electric pickup rush, Traykan can run with the same drivetrain as Taycan. This drivetrain will give it impressive torque and acceleration to compete with sports cars.


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