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Inspired by the sporty Eclipse, the Japanese manufacturer revisits its activeness through a brand-new crossover SUV at Singapore.

After its reveal in Geneva 2017, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross were sold in European markets, then in NA, Australia… Now, the model officially enters Singapore in early 2020.

The high ground-clearance model Eclipse Cross comes across as a coupe-like crossover, employing Mitsubishi’s latest Dynamic Shield designs. The name “Eclipse” is not so unfamiliar as it was once used for another famous 2-doored coupe in the early 2000s. Mitsubishi hopes to remind critics of their initial sporty mentality although currently focusing on practical SUVs.

The Eclipse has a dimension of 4.405 x 1.805 x 1.685 mm, with a length of 2,670mm for its main shaft, similar to ASX (from Outlander Sport in Vietnam). The car has 5 seats, highlighted by strong linings and appearance. The specialized red was developed by Mitsubishi’s latest technical advances.

Regarding interior, the model is designed and equipped with multiple driver-assist features as well as for passengers. The dashboard employs horizontal lines, silver metallic framework and eye-catching black-silver color usage. The screen displays information similarly to a tablet; Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto are both compatible, with HUD display and adjustable backseat.

Mitsubishi equips the Eclipse Cross with a 1.5L turbocharger and CVT gearbox with 8 virtual levels. Some markets will get an additional variation of turbo diesel 2.2L engine with common rail and direct fuel injector with 8-level automatic gearbox.

Furthermore, the Eclipse Cross operates through electronically controlled 4WD that is implemented with S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control). Therefore, the car can maintain its terrain-challenging capability in many different levels.

In Singapore, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is sold for roughly 700 million VND depending on variations and accessories.


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