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Mercedes-Benz has introduced a brand-new electronic van known as eSprinter, a futuristic product to roam the streets of Europe.

This product is meant for customers with needs to receive and deliver packages all across Europe, where there will soon no longer have any internal combustion engines. In addition, Mercedes-Benz only distribute the eSprinter under one version bring the van. Storage compartment has a volume of 10.5 m3, similar to the standard edition with combustion engine, and net possible weight of carry is 891kg.

The eSprinter is equipped with 47kWh battery, a 168km operational range. It takes 6 hours for full charge if the standard 7.2 kW charger is used. For fast-charging, customers may purchase additional 80kW charger set, enabling 10-80% battery percentage in only 30%. Furthermore, for more loading capacity, a 35hWh battery is available, which raises the capacity up to 1,045kg.

Mercedes-Benz limits the speed of the model at 80km/h, but can still get to 120km/h if necessary. The e-engine of eSprinter has 4 levels of energy recovery and 3 driving modes namely E+, E and C. these modes will recalibrate the car’s AC system to save energy.

The eSprinter employs Mercedes PRO Connect to help users manage charges or pre-starting the AC. The system in addition allows remote stoppage of charges to save energy resources at stations.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter comes with front-wheel-drive electronic engine, producing 85 HP units and max torque stands at 295 Nm, similar to that of the diesel Sprinter.

Mercedes also provides customers with applications such as eVan Ready, eCharging Planner and eCost Calculator. These features will help consumers navigate transportation range as well as inquiring about nearby stations.

At the moment, Mercedes-Benz has yet to announce the price of the model. However, in the context of the European extinction of internal combustion engines, this is a proactive solution for the industry of transportations. Prior, Tesla had also introduced the public a container tractor model which employed full electric motors.


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