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HOW WAS 2019 FOR VINFAST? (17/1/2019)

Vinfast has published their sales for 2019 with over 17,000 automobile units and 50,000 electronic motorcycles.

Vinfast initiated sales since November 2018 with the release of Klara while simultaneously introducing and receiving orders for 3 of their first ever automobile models. Up to now, the brand has added to the roster their 3 latest motorcycle models that were Ludo, Impes and Klara S (the upgraded Klara). Total orders received for all of which, Klara included, were 50,000 and approximately 90% had been assembled.

Not until 2019 did Vinfast officially enter the automobile market with Fadil and Lux in the A and E segments respectively with model Lux consisting of Lux A2.0 (sedan) and Lux SA2.0 (SUV). A sum of 17,214 orders were made; 15,300 of which were manufactured.

Speculations are that in 2020, Vinfast will continue to release a high-efficiency model known as Lux V8 and 2 crossovers of B and C classes with gasoline or electronic variations. In addition, the brand also plans to introduce electric buses to the market in order to spread out to all existing segments and meet the needs of a more varied market. From 2021, Vinfast is even expected to export their e-cars to America.

Efficiency and beauty are not the only aspects these products are praised for, their safety also counts. Specifically, Lux A2.0 and Lux SA2.0 both met the 5-star requirements from ASEAN NCAP, which assesses the safety of new automobile products, while Fadil belonged to a slightly lower level. However, late 2019 saw the thrive of Vinfast Fadil when the car was one of the best A-class models in terms of both sales and quality.

Regarding electronic motorcycles, thanks to the philosophy of being durable, smart and eco-friendly, Vinfast products were met with warm welcome. Worthy of mention, Vinfast were pioneering to have developed a system supporting the existence of their models on the roads by establishing over 600 battery stations nationwide. In the foreseeable future, Vinfast electronic motorcycles can either be charged at home or exchanged at these stations to maximize convenience. This is also planned to later be applied for 4-wheeled models as well.

At the moment, all motorcycle and automobile products from Vinfast are manufactured at a 335-ha factory in Dinh Vu Industrial Complex (Hai Phong). Current rate of production for phase 1 stands at 250,000 cars and 500,000 motorcycle units per year.


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