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In a series of great automobile promotions for the Vietnamese market at the end of 2019, not only economy but also luxury models are discounted at never-before-seen amounts.

While 2018 is the year of gigantic sales figures, 2019 is that of promotions and campaigns, most of which went beyond expectations. At the end of 2018, 100 million VND offers were enough to stir the market. However, that is no longer the case for the following year when both brands and agencies were ready to go full force into incentives.

Not only economic models receive such sky-high promotions, luxury cars also joined in hazzle. At the selling prices of billions, these expensive models have their own discounts also at billions in value.


Honda CR-V: 95 million VND promotions

At the beginning of December 2019, the famous crossover Honda CR-V had attracted customers with its 95-million-VND offers. Specifically, the standard E version of CR-V is listed at 983 million, with 50 million directly discounted down to 933, along with a 40-million-VND accessory package, which then total up to a 95 million. Its 2 higher version being G and L also get accessories, but only discounted by 10 and 25 million respectively.


Volkswagen Passat: 140 million VND promotion

From early December 2019, Volkswagen Vietnam has deployed great discounts for Volkswagen Passat. According to which, buyers of the BlueMotion High version of this D-class sedan would receive 40 million as support in registration fee, and the discount for BlueMotion Comfort went as high as 140 million. Then, BlueMotion Comfort and BlueMotion High costed 1.24 and 1.44 billion VND respectively, making Volkswagen Passat have a more similar price to Toyota Camry, the top-selling model in B-class sedan segment


Ford Everest: 95-million-VND discounts at agencies

Just as other models, over to December 2019, Ford Everest also received incentives from Ford Vietnam, although not as significant when only discount 25 million for 2 versions of Ambiente MT and the lowest Ambiente AT.

Therefore, to raise competitiveness for the upcoming year, agencies had taken the matter into their own hands and discount the 7-seated SUV sharply. Specifically, some agencies in Hanoi applied up to 95-million discounts for the highest Titanium Bi-Turbo 4×4 of Everest, which then resided at 1.304 billion VND. Aside from which, the Titanium 4×2 costed 1.177 billion was also added to the list, discounting the model by 60 million along with a 15-million VND accessories package.


Toyota Innova: 100+ discounts

Under the pressure of rival’s great sales, for the end of 2019, authentic agencies of Toyota Vietnam were all in for a season of sales.

Specifically, the standard E edition of Toyota Innova was discounted by over 100 million down to only 699 million. This promotion comes from the 50% registration fee support (which is 40 million VND) initiated by Toyota Vietnam for the Innova in December 2019. The remaining 60 million is from the agencies’ own policies. Not only version E, the G variation formerly priced at 847 million was also listed for promotions, but at a lower rate of 40-50 million depending on agencies.


BMW series with 300 million discounts

As the pioneer of the trend, various series of BMW have received up to 300-million incentives in previous months. Over to December 2019, BMW models continue to be discounted, some of which belong to the 3 or 5-series category. In addition, the recently 7-seat SUV BMW X7 was also applied for 200-million VND discounts at the end of 2019.


Maserati Levante: discounting from 500 million to 1.4 billion VND

Last but definitely not least, at the end of 2019, Maserati Vietnam surprisingly released their first major promotion at the aforementioned value. According to which, the promotion only lasted 5 days from 28/12/2019 to 1/1/2020 and only applied for the luxury SUV Maserati Lavente.

Within that time span, any purchase of Maserati Levante will get a direct 10% discount. At the moment, Maserati Levante costs 5 billion to 14 billion for its highest edition being Trofeo. Accordingly, when purchasing these models, customers can save from 500 million up to 1.4 billion VND, roughly the same amount of money to buy a middle-class 7-seated SUV.



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